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Cozumel Scuba Diving!!

Today I want to share one of the best experiences you can live in Cozumel! I mean Scuba Diving for certified divers. Cozumel since Jacques Cousteau put us in the eyes of the world as a great place to dive,   year after year receives tourists that come to enjoy the tranquility of the island and amazing  diving spots. There is nothing more comforting in the morning than to have a cup of hot coffee, get on the boat your diving equipment and prepare for adventure. Personally I prefer a dive trip at 7 or 8am. The sea of Cozumel at that time is phenomenally plane and no matter if the boat is riding over 60 ft you´ll be able to see the bottom.

One of the dive sites of Cozumel that I like is Santa Rosa Wall, a site located 30 minutes from the cruise docks if you go in a not very fast boat.  Something important to remark; if  the guide detects divers with less than 20 dives this can be started on the sand area where the depth is 40 ft, that way any novice diver may feel more comfortable because you can see the bottom from the surface. It is noteworthy that the visibility at 15 ft or 140 ft  will be great (at least 100 ft around). Once on the seabed and the stabilized group you’d only let the sea current do its job and take you with little effort to the top of the wall, this is 60 ft and the top is full of fans and hard corals; if you want to go from the sandy area to the formations of the ceiling on the wall, you will find tunnels that will make more exciting the diving, because once you leave the tunnel you’ll feel like you’re flying over the abyss where the rays of the sun will be hidden in the deep blue of the wall.

The depth that I personally recommend at Santa Rosa  in order to have the best views is 80 ft or 24 meters. Throughout the dive on the wall you will find various coral formations and a tunnel where surely your guide will take you in. Once in the tunnel when you turn on  your flashlight,  families of lobsters will be revealed  on the roof and if you’re lucky maybe you could find a “nurse shark ” sleeping inside (harmless but exciting). Once you reach the end of the wall of Santa Rosa surely have elapsed about 40 minutes of diving which will be perfect to start your ascent and observe at the safety stop a family of horse mackerel that  in my case I have ever seen in the same place.

Santa Rosa Wall is certainly one of the dive sites you have to live if you come to Cozumel.

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