Day of the Dead

In Mexico there is a celebration much awaited by all! I mean the “Day of the Dead”. On November 1 and 2 in Mexico, we prepared to receive in our homes all of our loved ones who died and in those 2 days according to our tradition they have permission to come and visit us. It could be that it is a somewhat coarse or terrifying belief but the mere idea of thinking that you can feel that beloved person at least once a year makes a feeling of happiness and nostalgia make a lump in our throat. Although this tradition is not to make us sad, it is to celebrate and welcome the souls of our loved ones and at the same time make fun of the only thing we have for sure and that is death.

On the Day of the Dead it is important to make an offering or altar, since it is used to decorate with flowers that with their aroma will guide souls home, orange, purple paper that characterizes this date, candles, fruit, dishes and favorite drinks of the souls that we are going to receive. Images of the deceased are placed as well as things that in life they liked with the aim of making them feel at home again.


It is celebrated in schools where festivals are held, dancing, eating and everything revolves around death from a humorous and colorful point of view.

The Day of the Dead is celebrated with more emphasis on the 1st and 2nd of November. The first day is to receive the souls of the deceased children. For this reason it is very important to place toys and sweets on the altar as the anima is glad to see again what in life caused more joy and enjoy their favorite sweets again.

On November 2 we received the souls of the adults who left this world, they will arrive with an incredible thirst and hunger therefore it is essential to place typical dishes such as: Mole, tamales, bread of the dead, coffee and why not? A bottle of tequila and cigars to toast with them once more and spend an evening of memories, music and anecdotes lived with the loved one who is no longer there, because as mentioned at the beginning, the Day of the Dead is a celebration, it is joy , it is similar to seeing someone we love very much who went to a distant place and who comes back to visit … but in the same way his departure will invade us with nostalgia at the end of the night.

This tradition goes back to pre-Hispanic times and during the time of the Spanish conquest in Mexican territory it was merged with Catholic beliefs resulting in the birth of a very important tradition and one of the oldest cultural expressions, so much so that UNESCO declared the Day of the Dead “Masterpiece of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.

Day of the dead is undoubtedly a tradition that fills us with pride, that is part of the identity of being Mexican and that astonishes with its color, meaning and importance to all our visitors.  Undoubtedly, it is a date that you would have to live in Mexico to be enveloped by one of the most intimate traditions of Mexicans!





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