Tips for Visiting Cozumel if you are in the Riviera Maya



Playa del Carmen is certainly one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, the wide range of rooms offered and its location is a key point because you can move easily to Cancun, Tulum, Bacalar and COZUMEL !!. The latter looks like a pearl necklace on the Caribbean Sea, that adorns the horizon. Reach Cozumel island is easy if you are staying in Playa del Carmen. The pier to cross to the island is in near to the famous 5th Avenue. There are 3  ferry companys  that offer the service with a fee of less than $ 20 dollars, Personally I recommend you to arrive 15 minutes before departure time so you can take a lot of  pictures before boarding. Also would be better if  you have already booked the tour you want to achieve . Below I give you a list of things you can do in Cozumel:


-Jeep Tour around the island

-Snorkel In Palancar and Colombia (Highly recommended)

-Know The Reserve Punta Sur (last corner of Mexico)

-Make an expedition in a Submarine  over 100 ft

-Diving In Chankanaab (in Chankanaab you can do many things more)

– Know as the locals call “the other side” to enjoy white sand beaches and wonderful views.


Well those are things that you can book before crossing but also if  you want to  know the places that tourists visit but also the places where the locals go I recommend to hire online local and private driver. If this is your  interest check these links:


A very interesting  point is the municipal market, is an incredible atmosphere where you can see the day to day of housewives doing shopping and you´ll find things that are used for cooking and household chores. Many cooking tools will seem rustic crafts but are used in the everyday as molcajetes, wood grinders, etc.

If you like seafood and want to try  the Mexican touch you should go to  “La Perlita”, this local restaurant is located in a  very safe  local neighborhood, their type “fisherman’s house” you will  find it very entertaining besides the seasoning of stews and spicy sauce (careful, very spicy) will be unforgettable for your palate and will wnat to share your gastronomic experience at “perlita” when you get home.


No matter which tour  you make in cozumel, before returning to Playa del Carmen walk through the near  streets to the pier, there are many points to take photos. Also  you will be able to visit a small but significant icon of Cozumel, I am talking about the main church of Cozumel, Church of San Miguel, remains a central meeting point to the mainly Catholic habitants. More than 100 years ago, some farmers working in the field found a beautiful ebony statue of the Archangel Michael holding a sword and golden crown. It is believed that was a gift from Juan Grijalva who landed in Cozumel 1518. The statue was found on September 29, the saint of San Miguel, and the habitants of Cozumel considered it a divine sign to baptize the church and the city with the name of  San Miguel . The statue is located on the altar of the church. .


As you can see there are many options that Cozumel has to offer, so if you’ll be staying in Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Cancun should not miss the opportunity to meet Cozumel Island.


I hope you find this information useful and remember that if you want more tips about what  you can do or book in Cozumel visit  or send an email to