Cozumel offers you places to visit in less than 6 hours, ideal for cruise passengers.

Two stops to make in Cozumel in less than 6 hours

Cozumel is one of the favorite cruises sailing from America destinations. These trips are perfect to meet more than 2 tourist spots in just a few days; stay you can take away is about 6 hours. Therefore here I share 2 places to see in this wonderful island of Cozumel to combine Adventure and Culture:

El Cedral:    

   This small town located in San Miguel de Cozumel just 20 minutes from the cruise docks will tell the beginnings of the first settlers of the island and you can enjoy the shops of multicolored crafts as well as test your haggling skills something that is a very entertaining sport.

Punta Sur:    

   It is a natural reserve that gives you a feeling of living nature! the scent of mangrove, sea sound, and its white road that takes you between the green of the lowland rainforest and the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Although the paths of Punta Sur are  accessible to most fun experience I recommend to  visit this reserve in a Jeep; you will feel like you’re way to a distant but full of life. One of the challenges of Punta Sur is climb the lighthouse “Celarain” but the effort will be worth it as the view of the last corner of Mexico will be great `cause you can observe the green carpet of the jungle as well as the foaming shore beaches. This lighthouse has  showrooms for you to see how the “Lighthouse keeper” lived  in the early 30`s, the diversity of wildlife migrant visiting this reserve of Punta Sur and meet some prehistoric remains found in the area. After up and down this lighthouse tell me what you were feeling in the calves, I’m sure you’ll feel having run a full marathon!
The fun does not end at the lighthouse, continue driving until you reach the beach, put on your fsnorkeling gear and reaches the reef. In minutes you’ll be surrounded by parrotfish, Angel fish, sergeant major fsh and more! Remember that Cozumel is famous for its coral so you can not miss snorkeling.

Undoubtedly, these 2 points Cozumel will leave a great memory and still have enough time to return to the ship with tranquility. If you want to organize to not miss anything and meet in the company of a local I leave the following link  where you can find the best operating agency tours to visit these 2 places and more.


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